About The Law Offices Of Alina Bagasian

Alina Bagasian Is Your Professional Business Lawyer in Los Angeles

Alina Bagasian is a dedicated and fierce lawyer, who is driven by her passion for legal affairs and representing the truth. Defending her clients’ rights is at the heart of her practice. She is the founder of the Law Offices of Alina Bagasian, a legal practice specializing in business and corporate law. She also founded LA Attorneys, a law group that focuses on personal injury and immigration law.

Alina Bagasian is a graduate from the Los Angeles California State University, in which she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a focus on pre-law. She also successfully obtained a Juris doctrine at the University of West Los Angeles. Alina Bagasian has distinguished herself with her academic excellence, and she received several Witkin awards for her dedicated work.

Fighting fiercely for your business law case and your rights

If you’re looking for an expert in business law, Alina Bagasian is the lawyer you need! She has a strong understanding of business legal affairs in California and she is able to give you strategic recommendations for your business law case.

She always adopts a personalized approach to your case and she will provide you with great support throughout the legal process. Her determination to fight for your rights is endless and she will fiercely defend your case with the best strategy for your business.

Alina Bagasian offers diverse business and corporate law services such as business setup, contracts, collections, business litigation, and many more!

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Get professional and personalized advice about your case during a first free consultation with Alina Bagasian. During your consultation, Alina will start guiding you through the legal process and will give you recommendations specific to your business case. Book your free consultation with Alina Bagasian today to get started!