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Business litigation can be hard to navigate on your own.

For example, some regulations are city or county-specific, and it is important to have a strong understanding of what they entail. Therefore, it is important to know and understand your rights and the rights of other party’s engaging in the dispute.

Breach Of Contract Professional Attorney

A business partnership dispute could lead to a breach of contract by one of the parties.

What is a breach of contract?

A business contract is a legal document signed by two or more parties. Under a business contract, parties have to fulfill certain obligations part of the signed agreement. If one or more parties fail to comply with or fulfill these obligations, there is a breach of the contract.

There are two main ways that a contracted can be breached:

  • A “material” breach of contract happens when the failure to perform the obligations of the contract is so severe that the contract becomes “irreparably broken.” In other words, it means that the breach attacks the root of the agreement signed by the parties.

  • An “immaterial” breach of contract refers to a failure to comply with the contract, and is less severe than a material breach. It can be a minor issue like a product delivery that is experiencing a short delay (but that won’t severely affect the sale of the product).

Establishing the distinction between a material and an immaterial breach of contract can be hard. With her expertise in business law, Alina Bagasian will help you understand your situation from a legal standpoint and build a strong case for you.

She is dedicated to providing you with the best, most reliable legal advice for your particular situation. Alina Bagasian will help you find the best legal solution whether you are experiencing material or immaterial breach of contract.

Commercial real estate disputes

Disputes can happen when you are in a commercial real estate agreement. Some disputes can be solved more simply with the help of an attorney, but sometimes litigation may be necessary.

Let’s a look at the most common forms of commercial real estate litigations:

Breach of Contract

A commercial real estate dispute often results in a breach of contract.

As mentioned above, your dedicated business litigation lawyer will help you determine if this is a material or immaterial breach.

Depending on the breach, you might be able to get monetary compensation for the damages caused by the other party.

There should always be a contract signed between you and the other party when you enter a commercial real estate agreement.

Your contract is a key document because it clearly states the deal agreement signed and the obligations that both parties have to fulfill. Your business litigation lawyer will attentively review your contract with you.

Real Estate Fraud

Real estate fraud, in this context, refers to erroneous or fallacious information in a commercial real estate transaction.

For example, if the seller of a commercial property states that all the floors will be new, but they are actually in poor condition, you might choose to go forward with litigation. The seller providing fallacious information constitutes commercial real estate fraud.

There are also common scams that happen in commercial real estate, and while we hope you never experience them, Alina Bagasian and her team will be here to help you if you have suffered from fraud.

Contractors Litigation

In commercial real estate, contractors might also face litigation.

In fact, the work provided on commercial real estate can affect the value and the sale of the property.

Therefore, contractors' work also falls under business litigation.

If you’re experiencing a real estate dispute with your contractor, Alina Bagasian will help you understand the solutions available to you. With her expertise, you’ll build a stronger case together.

Co-Owner Disputes

Commercial real estate is often owned by more than one person or entity.

When the co-owners disagree on how to maintain the property or whether they should sell it, disputes can arise. There may also be disputes regarding tenants, rental payments, and a wide variety of other issues.

Real estate is difficult to divide by nature. As such, co-owner disputes can be difficult to resolve if one of the owners does not want to give up their rights to the ownership or control of the property.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to address these problems is through litigation.

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