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Alina is an experienced Los Angeles-based business property lawyer who possesses a strong corporate and commercial understanding. She will help provide the best secure legal services, with advanced skills and professional legal advice.

She will focus on your personalized portfolio and will work with each client one-on-one, providing the highest quality services possible.

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Legal Documents Needed to Start a New Business

Are you unsure about where to start, or are you a bit confused about what legal documents you need to fill out when starting a new business? Or do you need extra help compiling the required paperwork to start your business on the right foot?c

Alina Bagasian is the business property lawyer you need! She will conduct a detailed explanation of each of the necessary documents and will advise you on the best legal action to take.

Services provided includes:

  • Articles Filling in the state of California

  • For your business to legally start operating in the state of California, articles such as a limited liability company (LLC), need to be processed and filled out correctly before beginning operations.

  • Statement of Organization Known as the SOI

  • An SOI is a document referring to a detailed explanation of the services of your business. It must be filed and submitted 90 days before your articles for your business to operate.

  • Operation Agreement Creation

  • Limited Partnership Set Up

  • This legal form is filed when two, or more, members are involved in a corporation or business.

Managing Business Properties

Owning a business demands a large amount of work. Although managing business properties and assets can be challenging, Alina Bagasian is the business property lawyer you need to fulfill your business's individual needs and provide you with advice that will ensure your business reaches its full potential.

Services provided include:

  • Contracts Drafting and Reviews

  • It is essential that every document is well-written and contains informative outlines of the business. Alina Bagasian is here to make sure that your business and personal contracts are completed and processed correctly.

  • Business Negotiations with other Corporations or Clients

  • Property Acquisition

  • To establish occupancy of a property, the owner and client must agree on the use of that property.

  • Property Management Recommendations

  • A business property lawyer can help you acquire legal business connections and potential real estate or property development clients.

Investing in Real Estate

Once you have an idea for your business, you need to find a place to run it but, hunting for the perfect location can be stressful!

The next step is curating legal documentation for your business and its corresponding real estate. With the experienced legal knowledge of business property lawyer Alina Bagasian, the filling will be completed in a short amount of time.

Services provided include:

  • Leasing Agreements

  • Agreements between the seller and buyer regarding financial agreements and land.

  • Commercial and Real Estate Negotiations

  • Commercial Purchases and Sales

  • Ensuring the purchases and sales of the property and business are finalized

  • Transaction Documentation

  • Verifying that each document is presented with reliable information, so that property can be legally transferred

Selling a Business

Selling a business can often be just as stressful as managing one. But with the professional legal help of business property lawyer Alina Bagasian, this stressful situation can be mitigated.

Services provided include:

  • Commercial Transactions

  • Leasing Agreements Between the Seller and Buyer

  • Contracts and Covenants

  • Financing and Refinancing

  • Advising regarding personal debt or future debt due to a business owner or client.

  • Business Formation for Tax Advantages

  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of receiving lower taxes for your business, with the formation of an LLC.

Starting the business of your dreams is a rewarding experience but, there are many legal steps that must be taken along the way.

Alina Bagasian is a skilled business property lawyer who is ready to serve your needs and help you grow your business, ensuring that your perspective is accounted for that your needs are fulfilled.

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