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Alina Bagasian is the business lawyer that will secure your corporate deals. She will be a fierce advocate for your rights and interests when it comes to business negotiations.

Receive personalized service from dedicated business attorneys at the Law Offices Of Alina Bagasian. Read to learn more about how we can help you with your business purchase or sale!

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Best Corporate Transactions Attorney In Los Angeles

If you’re looking to grow your business or prepare for a sale, you’ll need an excellent business attorney!

Alina Bagasian is the dedicated legal partner you need for business purchase and sale. Alina will efficiently assist you in acquiring a business or selling your company.

So how will Alina Bagasian make your corporate transactions successful?

  • Saving you time and finding the best strategies for your business

  • Helping you understand the set of rules regulations your company should follow

  • Providing a worry-free process for filling complex legal documents

  • Preparing you for corporate deals meetings

  • Advocating for your interests in every business negotiation

  • Attentively reviewing all details of the corporate deal

You won’t have to do it all on your own, Alina Bagasian is here to help you. If you’re looking to acquire or merge with another business, or to sell your company, Alina is the professional business lawyer you need!

Business Mergers And Acquisitions Expert

Grow your business and expand your operations with Alina Bagasian’s professional business law services! She will provide you with personalized and insightful advice to prepare you for a successful business merger and acquisition.

The commonly used term mergers and acquisitions (M&A) refers to various financial transactions and processes. These include the process of one company acquiring another business (acquisition) or two businesses merging their companies together (merger).

Mergers and acquisitions are highly complex and they require excellent legal assistance. The Law Offices Of Alina Bagasian will provide professional help for a successful business merger or acquisition.

Here is how Alina Bagasian will help you grow your business:

  • Help the client from the beginning to end of the process.

  • Establish a transparent and actionable plan to complete the corporate deal.

  • Identify and explain the regulations that the business acquisition or merger will be subject to.

  • Offer solutions for potential legal issues identified.

  • Draft and thoroughly review the contracts related to the corporate deal.

  • Actively negotiate the corporate agreement and represent the client’s interests

  • And much more!

Start the process today by booking your free consultation with Alina Bagasian. Get professional advice for your business rapidly!

Sell Your Business With A Professional Business Lawyer

Selling a business isn’t an easy process to navigate on your own, therefore it is important to get the best legal assistance to close a successful business deal.

Alina Bagasian has the expertise and passion to help you curate a business deal. She will support you throughout the process! With her expertise and solution-oriented mindset, the sale of your business is in good hands!

Alina Bagasian will ensure you sell your business successfully by:

  • Reviewing the offers that you received for your business

  • Making sure that you are getting a corporate deal that is aligned with your interests

  • Engaging proactively in negotiations

  • Drafting formal agreements that protect your interests

  • Helping you fill out all the legal documents required

  • Closing the deal with the seller

With strong preparation and a professional plan of action, you’re in a better position to successfully sell your business.

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Partner Buyouts / Business Purchase Professional Lawyer

Alina Bagasian also provides legal assistance for matters internal to the company like a partner buyout. In general, a partner buyout occurs when you, or a business partner, is looking to retire from the company or move onto a new venture.

Hiring a professional business lawyer is highly recommended in this situation to establish favorable terms for all business partners and plan the future of the company. A business lawyer can also help you find the best solutions for financing the buyout.

Here is how Alina Bagasian will ensure the success of your partner buyout:

  • Help you and your partner determine the terms of the partner buyout

  • Provide assistance in establishing the valuation of the company

  • Draft and review the required legal documents with you

  • Check and ensure compliance with the state regulations

  • Inform you of the actions required to formalize the buyout (For example, transferring all legal documents from your partner’s name to yours)

  • Offer solutions to strategically finance the partnership buyout

Start your partnership buyout process today with the help of Alina Bagasian , your professional business attorney!

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