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What is debt collection?

Debt collection refers to a situation in which either a collection agency or a creditor accompanied by a lawyer pursues debts payments. These overdue payments may concern your customers, vendors, and suppliers.

An individual or a business who is experiencing debt, or who is filing for bankruptcy, can also contact debt collections lawyer or agency for help.

Debt collection can be complex and overwhelming, especially if it leads to litigation. This is why it is important to get the best legal assistance when you are seeking debt collection or you are in debt.

Collecting debt also involves large sums of money and valuable material goods, so it is important to receive strong legal support to obtain a successful outcome.

Alina Bagasian will provide the best legal support and strategic advice for your debt collection case. She will adapt as the case evolves, and will provide legal counseling with a quick turnaround.

With a collections expert on your side, you’ll save time and hassle throughout the debt collection process.

Alina won’t let debt collection slow you down!

Here is how Alina Bagasian can help you:

  • Legal process strategic guidance

  • Informing you on creditor/debtor rights

  • Commercial debt collection

  • Judgment collection

  • Business litigation

  • Fighting fiercely for your rights

  • And more!

Debt collection agency vs lawyer: What’s the difference?

If you have tried to resolve a debt dispute with meetings, phone calls, or other methods but have failed, it is time to consult a professional.

Many people and businesses first contact a collection agency when attempting to resolve a dispute.

Collection agencies aim to take action toward the debtor to help you receive the money that you are owed. They can cover a local, state, or even national scope. These agencies often use software automation (on top of phone calls and other methods) to generate and send letters and warnings to the debtor.

Collection agencies have a more aggressive approach with debtors that can help you acquire late payments.

However, they will probably use the same methods you will use: phone calls, emails...etc.

Moreover, a debt collection agency will not provide you with legal expertise and advice on solutions if the other party doesn’t complete the late payment.

The other option is to work with a professional business lawyer like Alina Bagasian, who has sharp expertise in debt collection.

A top-tier lawyer will draft a strategic plan with you.

More specifically, they will help answer the following questions about the process: "What are the actions that will be taken, and why?"

"What are the legal solutions if these solutions don’t work?"

"How does the law protect you and your business?"

An experienced debt collections lawyer will also take concrete actions against debtors to help you collect your money.

Your lawyer is a legal counselor who works closely with you on your case, and who will support you throughout the entire collection process.

A professional lawyer will also help you understand when litigation is the best option and how you should proceed legally.

If you are thinking about taking your case to court, you should definitely work with a debt collections lawyer.

Getting legal counseling, and personalized strategic advice will be very important to build a strong case.

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Commercial Debt Collection Litigations

Commercial debt collection litigation happens when there is a business dispute that arises between two parties, and the creditor is unable to recover the overdue money.

You will need to work with a debt collections lawyer to start the litigation process and to create a case that will hold in court.

Commercial debt collections can be complex and put important sums of money and material goods at stake. This is why a professional lawyer, like Alina Bagasian, help will be beneficial.

When you work with Alina, you get reliable and dedicated legal assistance for your case. She will help you navigate the complexities of litigation by always making the information transparent and available to you. More than your lawyer, she is your professional legal counselor!

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