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Commercial Real Estate Agreements

If you’re starting a commercial real estate project, you will enter into different agreements and transactions (with your business partners, customers, contractors...etc.).

Working with a professional real estate lawyer will help you start these agreements and transactions on the right foot!

In fact, Alina Bagasian will help you establish strong real estate agreements with personalized and strategic advice. A top-tier attorney, Alina will be a strong advocate for your interests and will help you close successful deals for your business.

Here is an overview of what Alina Bagasian can do for you:

  • Give top strategic recommendations for your business deal

  • Support you and your business during real estate negotiations

  • Draft and review the required documents to start your operations

  • Offer solutions for potential legal issues identified.

  • Collaborate and review commercial real estate contracts

  • Inform you on regulations in your city, county and state that apply to your business.

  • Find the best solutions in case of a commercial real estate litigation

Reach successful deals with Alina Bagasian, your dedicated real estate lawyer!

Commercial Real Estate Contracts

A commercial real estate contract is a legally binding document that defines the terms of an agreement or a transaction for all parties involved. In other words, it is a clear written representation of your real estate deal.

You will need a business contract for many different situations in commercial real estate:

  • A contract between you and your business partner(s)

  • A commercial space lease

  • An agreement with contractors for real estate work

  • A business transaction with vendors and suppliers

  • And more!

So why is having business contracts important in commercial real estate?

First, a business contract holds all parties accountable for complying with the rules agreed upon. For example, your contract with a vendor mentions that you’re paying 50% of the total amount of the transaction before the final product delivery. Therefore, once you are in business, your vendor cannot ask you to pay 100% of the price.

Secondly, a business contract improves operational efficiency for all parties of the agreement. This specifically applies to contracts for real estate transactions. For example, a written contract with a contractor allows you to define a clear timeline to respect and detailed deliverables. It allows you and your contractor to know exactly what to do and what to expect from each other.

Finally, a business contract is important in commercial real estate because it protects you legally. If one or more parties doesn’t respect the terms and conditions of the contract, there will be legal repercussions.

Your written contract will be a very important document in the case of any commercial real estate litigation as it clearly states what were the obligations to respect from both ends.

Ready to draft a business contract for your real estate project? Need a real estate lawyer to review your contract with a vendor before signing? Alina Bagasian is here to help you!

She will help you draft professional business contracts and thoroughly review the contracts drafted by the other parties before signing.

Commercial Real Estate Litigations

As with all business agreements, disputes can arise in commercial real estate projects and transactions. In some cases, a real estate dispute can only be solved with litigation. This is especially the case if the dispute escalates.

Litigation for commercial real estate disputes can be very complex and it requires legal support from an excellent attorney. The disputes themselves have high-stakes such as properties or large sums of money, therefore it is important to build a very strong case.

With Alina Bagasian on your side, you won’t have to worry about navigating the complicated litigation process on your own. She is an expert at handling commercial real estate litigation and will support you through the necessary legal actions.

She can help you fight for your rights in many different situations:

Top Commercial Real Estate Attorney in Los Angeles

In conclusion, with the help of a professional business attorney, you can take your commercial real estate projects to the next level!

Alina will provide you with legal representations in all essential areas of commercial real estate.

Start by defining the goals of your agreement with Alina and she will help in business negotiations.

Then, build strong real estate relationships with professional and clear business contracts.

If there is a dispute that arises, she will recommend the best solutions for your case and will fight for your rights throughout the entire legal process.

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