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Find the best legal representation to fight unfair business practices! Alina Bagasian will fight relentlessly for your rights until you get the appropriate compensation for the loss and damages incurred from unfair business practices.

With her expertise in business law and her dedication to her clients, Alina will help you put together a strong case. She understands the complexities of unfair business practices and will make the process simple and less intimidating for you!

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What Are Unfair Business Practices?

Unfair business practices are actions that are considered unethical or predatory to businesses and consumers, and are prohibited by the law.

These practices include fraud, false advertising, deceptive pricing, and any practice that leads to unfair results for businesses and customers.

Many state and federal laws have been implemented to prevent such unfair business practices, like the well-known antitrust laws.

It can be difficult to define unfair business practices, and difficult to understand how you can protect yourself and your business against them.

Moreover, it can be intimidating to report unfair business practices and seek compensation from corporations and insurance companies. Small to medium business owners might feel discouraged to report these practices even if they are harmful to them.

Alina Bagasian wants to change this experience for you! She will provide you with the best legal advice and representation for your case. Alina will fight fiercely for your rights until you get the compensation you deserve for the damages inflicted by unfair business practices.

Types Of Unfair Business Practices

A lot of different situations can be categorized as unfair business practices. When you discuss your case with Alina Bagasian, she will explain to you if a business practice is unfair and the legal course of action available to you.

Let’s review the most common types of unfair business practices:

  • Fraud: Violating state or federal law that has consequences for other businesses and your customers. For example, a fraud involving a non-delivery of merchandise, after the customer has made a payment to the company.

  • False and misleading advertising: Deceptive advertising that makes promises that the company doesn’t keep. For example, announcing that a free good will be given with the purchase of a product, but it is never given to the customer.

  • Misrepresentation by a business: Convincing someone to sign a contract based on false claims. For example, a business contract might mention that the plumbing and electrical appliances in an office space are in perfect condition, however, they are not working.

  • Insurance claims and their settlement: When an insurer tries to avoid, delay, or misrepresent a claim that needs to be paid to an insured party. For example, your insurer makes a modification to a contract and then settles a claim based on this modification. Your professional lawyer will inform you of your state’s unfair claim laws.

  • Antitrust violations: Actions that prevent commercial trade from being conducted fairly for all players. For example, if a company undertakes actions to impose a monopoly in a region, preventing other businesses from competing fairly in the same geographical zone.

  • Non-compliance with manufacturing standards: When a company doesn’t respect manufacturing quality standards. It refers to the poor quality of the work environment, products, and manufacturing practices. For example, manufacturing products that have defects or using harmful or forbidden chemicals that are dumped and released into the water or air.

Unfair business practices cover a wide range of unfair and predatory actions taken by businesses and individuals. They can be complex to identify and understand, and this is why Alina Bagasian will dedicate the time to defining the situation you are facing. She will help you navigate your case with transparency and professionalism.

Alina Bagasian is ready to fight fiercely against unfair business practices that harm you and your business!

Why choose Alina Bagasian as your business lawyer?

More than a business lawyer, Alina Bagasian will be a strategic legal advisor and strong advocate for your rights. She will advise you on state and federal laws that apply to your case and protect you and your business.

She will also work relentlessly with you to build a strong case, reporting unfair business practices, and seeking the appropriate compensation for the damages caused.

Alina gives her time and dedication to all her clients to make sure they feel supported throughout the entire legal process. Your case is in good hands with Alina Bagasian, your dedicated and reliable Los Angeles-based business lawyer!

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