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A business contract is a legally binding document that defines the terms and goals of a business agreement. It also states the obligations that all parties will have to fulfill under the agreement and during its length. It is therefore a key document for any business agreement or transaction.

Given the importance of building an excellent business contract that has a favorable outcome for both parties, it is highly recommended to work with a professional business lawyer.

Look no further! Alina Bagasian is the highly dedicated and knowledgeable business lawyer you need. She goes above and beyond drafting and reviewing your contract. Her expertise in business law and her strong understanding of different corporate situations ensures that she will provide you with strategic and personalized business advice.

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Why are business contracts important?

We mentioned that business contracts are essential when starting a business agreement. However, business contracts are not always used to conclude a deal or transaction.

So why is it so important to get a business contract?

Accountable representation of your agreement

Your business contract is a clear and written representation of your agreement with one or more parties. In other words, it sets transparent rules and expectations for both parties involved in the deal.

This is very important as you don’t want to have any misunderstandings or any grey areas when you start a new business agreement or transaction.

Even though a verbal agreement can be clear, a written contract is preferred because it holds all parties accountable for their actions. In fact, it is a legally binding document, and it can prevent parties from not complying with the terms of the agreement.

Prevent disputes and manage risks

A business contract is a document that is negotiated and that involves cooperation between parties. The end goal is to sign a contract that is beneficial for all parties. Since both parties’ interests are well represented, it can help prevent business disputes.

Having a business contract can also help mitigate risk.

For example, your contract could state that 50% of the payment is due before you deliver your products to your clients. In this case, your client is held accountable for paying 50% of the total amount before product delivery.

Improves workflow and timeline management

A business contract can improve productivity on both sides of the deal. Indeed, the contract will state the concrete actions that you and the other party have to undertake as well as the deadlines that must be respected.

Therefore, your business contract can help ensure timely product/service deliveries, payment deadlines, commercial leases start/end dates, and much more! Overall business contracts can make your team and the other teams on the agreement more efficient.

Protects you and your business legally

Even if you have a business contract, some business issues can arise in practice. It can be minor or more serious actions that have consequences on your business. These are referred to as a breach of contract.

In other words, if one or more parties doesn’t comply with the terms of the agreement, that party is breaching the contract.

In all cases, you want to have a written business contract that clearly states the terms and obligations of the agreement. It can protect you and your business legally, and it offers you legal solutions to resolve the problem if needed.

When to use business contracts?

We recommend you use business contracts to start or renew a business agreement/transaction.

Alina Bagasian can provide legal representation for your business contracts in the following areas and more. Contact the Law Offices Of Alina Bagasian to receive personalized advice on your specific situation.

Business setup

Create professional business contracts between you and your co-founders, your business partners, and your investors, for a successful company launch! This is as important for smaller companies and startups.

Business acquisition and sale

Whether you are acquiring a company or selling your business, it is important that you do it with peace of mind. A business contract will define the terms of the agreement and can lead to a successful deal outcome for both parties.

Commercial real estate

Business contracts can facilitate your commercial real estate operations. Whether it is a commercial space lease or an agreement with a contractor/vendor, a business contract will ensure the transaction runs smoothly.

Business transactions

Business contracts are essential for successful business transactions. The business contract will act as a set of rules for business transactions and help you establish a strong relationship with your customers, vendors, and suppliers.

What if there is a breach of my contract?

If one or more parties, including you, could not fulfill the terms of the agreement, the contract has been breached. A breach of contract can be categorized as a material or immaterial breach of contract (link to business litigation page) depending on the severity of the situation.

Alina Bagasian will evaluate your situation and will advise you on the best solutions available for your business. She approaches the complexities of business contract breaches with a solution-oriented mindset, always providing you with the best results.

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