How Our Business Lawyers In Burbank Offer Strategic Guidance

posted byBagasian LawJune 15, 2021

Our great business lawyers in Burbank will not only help you through the necessary legal processes for developing and protecting your business but also provide you with strategic guidance .

If you are looking for a great business lawyer in Burbank, The Law Offices of Alina Bagasian will provide you with both legal help and business expertise.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the different ways a business lawyer can offer legal process strategic guidance:

Starting a Corporation

Starting a corporation is a strategic business move that will directly impact the future success of your business as well as how it is defined by the law.

More specifically, a corporation is categorized as its own business entity, separate from the creators or owners of the business.

Our business lawyers in Burbank can offer strategic guidance in a number of ways if you choose to incorporate your business.

First and foremost, they will help you decide if developing a corporation is the best strategy for your business.

Some benefits of incorporating your business include:

It will help protect your personal assets as corporations limit the liability of business owners, freeing you from the debts and obligations of the corporation.

Additionally, corporations exist perpetually. In other words, even if they change ownership, the corporation continues to exist.

And, corporations can deduct business expenses and are taxed differently.

Second, our business lawyers in Burbank will help you choose the right structure for your business, such as an LLC (limited liability company), LP (limited partnership), or LLP (limited liability partnership).

Managing Assets

Business assets often involve large sums of money and can be either tangible or intangible.

A business lawyer will help you strategically manage and protect your assets through the drafting of contracts, like patent applications or trademark licenses.

Although there are different types of asset management, such as incorporating your business or developing an asset protection trust (ATP), choosing the right type of asset protection requires strategic guidance.

A business lawyer will help determine if incorporating is the right choice or give you guidance on the implications of different types of asset protection.

For example, your business may require the development of a patent to protect its intangible assets. An attorney will also know which type of patent to file and will have an understanding of the legal implications of the process.

Business Purchase or Sale

Our business lawyers in Burbank will also provide strategic guidance during the process of buying or selling a business.

Not only does buy or selling a business have major legal implications but it also poses a great financial risk, making strategic guidance invaluable.

Business purchase or sale includes mergers, acquisitions, and partner buyouts. Let’s understand what these terms mean and how they will impact your business.

Mergers and acquisitions are the legal terms for buying or selling a business. An acquisition is when one company is bought by another, while a merger is when two businesses come together under one parent company.

So, why is it necessary to hire a lawyer when determining whether to merge two companies or acquire another company?

This is because once an acquisition takes place, the company that has been purchased ceases to exist legally, meaning the stock of that company can no longer be traded. This has financial implications for the parent company, as well as the one being acquired, making strategic business guidance just as important as legal help.

Another type of business deal is a partner buyout, which requires knowledge of business strategy in order to determine the price at which the business will be sold.

Partner Buyouts take place when a business partner chooses to leave the company, whether to retire or begin a new venture, and their share of the company must be accounted for.

This company must be appraised, which can be achieved through negotiation or through third-party appraisal. A business lawyer with knowledge of financial strategy would be greatly helpful in determining the value of the company and negotiating for a fair appraisal.

Managing Intellectual Property

Finally, our business lawyers in Burbank can offer strategic guidance for managing intellectual property or an original creation or development that gives your business value.

When starting a business, a lawyer can help you define what ideas need to be protected because of the capacity these ideas have for generating revenue. Once they are defined, your business lawyer will help you patent or trademark these ideas to keep them protected.

Let’s talk about a few ways a business lawyer can help you manage intellectual property .

First, they can help you develop a patent, which would inhibit anyone else from replicating the intellectual property of that business.

Or, your lawyer can help you develop a trademark to protect your business’s logo, color scheme, or other designs that represent your company.

Additionally, a business lawyer can help you copyright your work, ensuring that you own the rights to that property.

Finally, a lawyer can help you protect your trade secrets.


When starting a business, legal representation will not only help you with legal processes but also help you navigate business strategy.

From helping form an LLC to establishing patents, our business lawyers in Burbank will ensure the success and safety of your business.

Alina Bagasian is a business lawyer in Burbank who will provide the best legal services and strategic guidance. Possessing an understanding of corporate and commercial business, Alina Bagasaian is ready to represent your business and provide you with excellent legal advice.

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