How Our Real Estate Attorneys In Burbank Will Fight for Your Case

posted byBagasian LawJuly 13, 2021

Our real estate attorneys in Burbank are well versed in many types of real estate law, from commercial real estate to litigating breaches of contract.

Whether you are a landlord looking to lease a commercial property or a tenant litigating against a violation of your leasing agreement, we are here to help.

In this article, we are going to be discussing what our real estate attorneys in Burbank do and the different ways they can support your case:

Real Estate Law and Breach of Contract

Our real estate attorneys in Burbank will help litigate breaches of contract, which are common in real estate law.

Contracts are fundamental in real estate law transactions as they often deal with large sums of money and monetary negotiations.

However, if a real estate contract has been breached, such as one party not fulfilling their responsibilities within a leasing agreement, our real estate attorneys in Burbank can help.

A breach of contract can take place if either party breaks the agreement, which can include if obligations are not met on time, as outlined by the contract.

How Our Real Estate Attorneys in Burbank Will Help Litigate a Landlord-Tenant Dispute

A leasing agreement is one of the most common types of contracts within the realm of real estate law.

This contract takes place between a landlord and tenant and is legally binding, meaning both parties are responsible for upholding their obligations under the law.

Leasing agreements outline a number of provisions, such as how much rent a tenant will pay each month when this payment must be made, and how long the lease will last.

A leasing agreement not only outlines responsibilities for the tenant but also those of the landlord, such as if water and power is included and which party must maintain the property.

Other important contracts in the realm of real estate law include rental agreements, which are for the purposes of short-term renting, such as a month-to-month lease.

If a leasing agreement is breached, this may result in a landlord-tenant dispute, leading to litigation.

As previously mentioned, since a landlord and tenant are in a contractual agreement with one another, there are certain obligations and responsibilities each party has.

For example, a landlord-tenant dispute can result from missing rent payments or payments for repairs.

If this type of violation occurs, either party has the right to litigate their case and claim what is rightfully theirs.

Our real estate attorneys in Burbank will help you better understand the provisions of your leasing agreement and help you develop a case against your landlord or tenant.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Our real estate attorneys in Burbank are also well-versed in commercial real estate law, which involves the transaction of commercial properties, such as malls and office buildings.

Since these transactions deal with large sums of money and often more than one tenant, they can become increasingly complicated.

Therefore, commercial real estate has greater legal ramifications and often requires the advice of a real estate attorney.

Our real estate attorneys in Burbank will help draft Commercial Real Estate (CRE) agreements.

These agreements outline the liability and obligations of each party involved and the necessary steps each must take before closing the commercial real estate deal.

What Our Real Estate Attorneys in Burbank Are Responsible For

Let’s summarize the day-to-day responsibilities of our real estate attorneys in Burbank so that you can better understand how they can help litigate your real estate case.

Our real estate attorneys in Burbank mainly deal with the drafting and reviewing of documents or contracts used for a real estate transaction. This can include purchase agreements and mortgage documents.

If your real estate attorney is working on a case that involves the purchase or sale of real estate, they will attend what is called the ‘closing.’ This when the transaction is finalized, the money is transferred and the title is finalized.

Our real estate attorneys in Burbank will ensure that this transaction is done legally and represents the best interest of the client.

Additionally, our real estate attorneys in Burbank will help negotiate a favorable deal and provide guidance throughout the process.

What Documents Are Overseen by Real Estate Attorneys

As mentioned in the previous section, one of the most important responsibilities of our real estate attorney in Burbank is to look over important transactional documents.

We will give two common examples of documents that our real estate attorneys in Burbank oversee.

One such document is the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) , which legally commits the transaction of property between buyer and seller. It is the final document after all negotiations have taken place.

Within this agreement, your real estate attorney will ensure the conditions of the sale are met and are.

Another such document is title insurance, which is a type of indemnity insurance “that protects lenders and homebuyers from financial loss sustained from defects in a title to a property.”

Two common types of title insurance are lender’s title insurance, to protect the lender from financial losses, and owner’s title insurance, “to protect the buyer's equity in the property.”


Possessing an understanding of real estate law, Alina Bagasaian will represent your interests in real estate transactions and provide you with excellent legal advice when drafting contracts and moving forward with negotiations.

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