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posted byBagasian LawDecember 23, 2020

Running a business has many legal implications that require the help of a business lawyer. Hiring a business lawyer will ensure that a new business starts on the right foot and that established businesses are protected from costly mistakes that could hinder future success.

In this article, we are going to explore the many reasons your business will benefit from hiring a lawyer:

Helping Write Business Contracts

Business contracts are often nuanced and require fleshing out details only understood by a professional business lawyer.

Whether the contracts are drafted for employment, between a business and its employees, or for external agreements, between a business, its clients, and its customers, they set legally binding precedents.

Therefore, understanding the tenants of such contracts is crucial as they can be presented in a court of law.

A business lawyer will help you write business contracts, which often contain legal jargon that can easily get convoluted and misunderstood.

When engaging in contracts, a business owner needs the help of a lawyer to ensure that they are fully protected under the law and that they are entering into contracts that are fair and beneficial.

Assisting with Business Setup

Starting a business requires the help of a business lawyer for a number of reasons.

First, a business lawyer will help you categorize your business correctly, whether that is establishing an LLC, partnership, or another type of business structure.

Next, a business lawyer will help you obtain the necessary licenses and permits to start operations, such as specific state licenses and health permits.

Additionally, starting a business requires you to fill out many documents, such as Articles of Organization, operating agreements, and limited partnership setups. A lawyer will ensure the necessary documents are filed and that they are filled out correctly.

Finally, if your business requires space to operate or commercial space to sell your product, a business attorney will help you navigate leasing agreements.

Hiring legal representation when starting a business is especially crucial if the business has co-founders. When more than one person has stakes in the business it is important to define the obligations and rights of each co-founder.

For example, to avoid any disputes in the future, it is important to clearly define what percentage of the company belongs to each founder.

Facilitating Business Purchase and Sale

One of the most legally complex aspects of owning a business is selling or purchasing a business .

For example, growing your business may require a merger or acquisition. An acquisition is when one company acquires another business, and a merger is when two businesses merge their companies.

Both of these processes are complex and a business lawyer will not only help establish a plan for the transaction but also explain regulations and help navigate the process.

Additionally, if you are planning to sell your business, a lawyer will help review offers, facilitate fruitful negotiations, and help draft and close deals.

Finally, a business attorney can help you navigate partner buyouts or when a partner decides to leave a company for retirement or another venture. In this case, a lawyer can help you and your partner determine the terms of the partner buyout and help establish a valuation of the company.

Litigating Unfair Business Practices

Unfair business practices are situations in which business is obtained through illegal means, such as fraud or deception.

If you have been affected by actions of this kind, a professional business lawyer will fight for your rights to get you compensation for the damages or losses you incurred.

Unfair business practices appear in many forms and may seem menial. However, some of the most common examples are a misrepresentation of facts, false advertising, and tied selling.

In cases of consumer fraud, more than one consumer can be affected. Therefore, a lawyer can help file a class-action lawsuit to represent an entire group of customers.

If you are a smaller business engaging in litigation with a large corporation that has a team of lawyers, hiring a professional business lawyer will ensure that your voice is heard.

Managing Business Properties

A business lawyer will not only help with property acquisition for a new business but can also offer property management recommendations.

This may include connecting you with new real estate clients or property development clients in addition to facilitating business property negotiations.

A business lawyer can also assist in real estate investments by verifying transaction documents and offering legal advice.

When it comes to real estate, several legally binding contracts must be signed, such as leasing agreements, agreements with contractors, and buying and selling agreements.


Owning a business or starting a business means fulfilling numerous legal requirements. Hiring legal representation ensures your business is established legally and that your business is protected from future complications.

From helping write business contracts to facilitate business purchase and sale, a lawyer will ensure the success and safety of your business.

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